The act of creating, making something, bringing something into existence that wasn’t there before, is fundamental to how I interpret the world around me and make meaning of what it means to be human, to exist. I work in a variety of media and I will probably never stop exploring new creative avenues.

My artistic perspective reflects the undeniable tension between the beauty in this world and the existence of pain and suffering. I want my work to reflect that salvation is not found in fleeing from the painful aspects of life, but rather to accept that they are a part of what makes this life so interesting and beautiful. Then again, we must not wallow; we have to be reminded to seek out the joyful, blissful things in life.

I find so much inspiration in the natural world around me, particularly the ocean. I have been enthralled with the sea as far back as I can remember. Living and working in Dana Point, I find endless inspiration as the ocean continues to surprise and teach me. As an artist I hope to offer reminders of the beauty that surrounds us. The spirit of adventure and exploration is also key…we must go out and experience this beautifully complex world that we are a part of.

My work is a reflection of my experience.